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Seminar Schedule

Chemistry department seminars are held 11 AM – noon in Sid W. Richardson Lecture Hall 3, unless otherwise noted.

Invited Speakers:

DateSpeaker Name
January 11David Hodgson
Durham University, UK
Title: Application of Kinetics to Chemical Biology and Synthetic Challenges
January 31Thomas Gray
Case Western Reserve University
February 19Guigen Li
Texas Tech
Title: GAP Chemistry/Technology and Greener Synthesis
February 21
5:30 p.m., SWR LH2
Jim Marshall
University of North Texas
Title: Rediscovery of the Elements. What it felt like to track down and visit all of the discovery sites.
March 19Indrajeet Sharma
University of Oklahoma
March 21Travis White
Ohio University
Title: Photochemical and Electrochemical Approaches to Homogeneous Catalytic Transformations
March 28Krishnan Rajeshwar
UT Arlington
April 4Bruce Gnade

Graduate Student Seminars:

March 26            David Freir

April 16               Nelli Bodiford