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Seminar Schedule

Chemistry department seminars are held 11 AM – noon in Sid W. Richardson Lecture Hall 3.

Invited Speakers:

DateSpeaker Name
January 17, 2017Dr. Loi Do, University of Houston
January 19, 2017Dr. Benjamin Sherman, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
January 26, 2017Dr. Matthew Sheridan, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
February 2, 2017CANCELLED
Dr. Colin Nuckolls, Columbia University
"Putting the molecules in molecular electronics"
Green Lecture Series
March 23, 2017Dr. Ester Segal, Israel Institute of Technology
"Optical Biosensors for Medical Diagnostics"
March 30, 2017Dr. Alex Lippert
Southern Methodist University
Title: "Shaping Light and Matter to Image and Visualize the Chemistry of Life"
April 27, 2017Dr. Tim Hubin, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Graduate Student Seminars:

April 13                    Karen Winters

April 18                    Roberto Gonzalez-Rodriguez

April 25                    Andrea Guedez-Pena