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Seminar Schedule

Chemistry department seminars are held 11 AM – noon in Sid W. Richardson Lecture Hall 3.

Invited Speakers:

DateSpeaker Name
Aug. 28
Dr. Alex Bugarin
University of Texas, Arlington
Title: Metal-Free Allylic Functionalization of Terminal Alkenes
Sept. 18
Dr. Kevin Schug
University of Texas, Arlington
Title: Monitoring Groundwater Quality and Assessing Water Recycling Technologies in the Unconventional Oil and Gas Space
Sept. 20
Dr. Jeremy A. May
University of Houston
Title: Synthetic Discoveries from Polycyclic Natural Products
Sept. 26
2 - 3 p.m.
Dr. Raymond Schaak
Penn State University
Title: A Designer's Toolkit for Constructing Complex Nanoparticle Libraries
Sept. 27
Dr. Devin Matthews
Title: Successes and Failures of Ab Initio Quantum Chemistry
Oct. 4
Dr. Kwangho Nam
University of Texas, Arlington
Title: Multiscale Simulation Studies of Catalytic and Regulatory Mechanisms of Protein Tyrosine Kinases
Oct. 9
Dr. Charles Riordan
University of Delaware
Title: Nickel Dioxygen Chemistry
Nov. 8
Dr. Kirk S. Schanze
University of Texas, San Antonio
Title: Chromophore-Catalyst Assemblies for Solar Fuels

Graduate Student Seminars:

Tues., Nov. 6              Jason Mars

Tues., Nov. 13            Anne D’Achille

Thurs., Nov. 15          Marianne Burnett