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Undergraduate Degree Overview

The TCU Chemistry & Biochemistry department offers three undergraduate degrees.

BA in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Chemistry requires a total of 124 credit hours including at least 24 credit hours in chemistry and a lesser concentration (a minor) in another field of your choice. Although the BA is ideally suited for career goals such as medicine, patent law, scientific writing, or a variety of health and technological fields, it does not provide the breadth or depth required for a professional chemist or advanced graduate study.

BS in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree is a comprehensive degree requiring a total of 132 credit hours including at least 38 credit hours in chemistry and a number of associated courses in mathematics and physics. The BS degree can be expanded to include professional certification by the American Chemical Society. ACS certification requires 5 additional courses for a minimum of 43 hours of chemistry.

BS in Biochemistry

The BS degree is also available with a biochemistry emphasis. Details of the different requirements are available from our department Advising Guide.

Students are encouraged to consult with our academic advisors to determine which degree plan best fits their goals.