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Jeffery L. Coffer

Professor, Inorganic and Materials Chemistry Direct: 817.257.6223
Postdoctoral research University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee MS University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee BS Wofford College

Research Interests

Coffer Research Group

We are currently engaged in a multidisciplinary approach to studies of nanoscale materials based on elemental silicon. The long-term goal is to successfully construct rapidly-adaptive, tunable nanostructures that are bioactive, and whose activity can be altered not only by physical dimension and chemical composition but also external stimuli such as current, light, and/or heat. Our most recent efforts focus on:

  • the drug delivery and tissue engineering relevance of nanostructured porous silicon and associated polymer composites (of particular merit in the areas of bone repair and ophthalmology);
  • the transformation of silicon nanowires (and associated composites) for tissue engineering;
  • new routes to hollow silicon nanotubes that are providing innovative opportunities in drug delivery

Teaching Interests

A constantly-evolving effort is in place with regard to the incorporation of new topics from the forefront of Materials Chemistry to the undergraduate experience, principally through instructional laboratory courses. Another interest focuses on the ever-increasing role of entrepreneurship in nanotechnology and biotechnology, which has also catalyzed our interest and participation in approaches designed to bring this information into the undergraduate curriculum of science majors. This effort has been facilitated by participation in the Coleman Faculty Fellows in Entrepreneurship initiative.