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Dr. Kayla N. Green

Associate Professor, Bio-inorganic Chemistry Direct: 817.257.6220
Ph.D., Chemistry Texas A&M University, 2007 Postdoctoral Research UT Southwest Medical Center, 2009 BS, Chemistry Tarleton State University, 2002

Research Interests

Green Research Group

The Green research group currently focuses on applications at the interface of chemistry and biology. The areas of interest include coordination chemistry of relevance to (1) Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with amine heterocyclic ligands. (2) Responsive MRI sensors for oxidative stress. (3) Ferrocene-peptide conjugates as biosensors for biomarkers associated with disease. The group utilizes organic and solid-phase synthesis methods to produce our molecules of interest followed by applying these systems for a variety of applications pertinent to our group. Students in our group experience the gamut of synthesis and characterization up to exploring the applications that these molecules are built to carry out.


Kayla N. Green received her BS degree from Tarleton State University in 2003. In 2007, she obtained her Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from Texas A&M University under the direction of Marcetta Y. Darensbourg where she studied immobilized biomimetic complexes of metalloenzymes such as Acetyl CoA Synthase. While there she was honored with the U.S. Senator Phil Gramm Doctoral Fellowship Award (2007) and a Chemistry Biology Interface – NIH Training Grant (2004). In 2008 she began her postdoctoral work at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Advanced Imaging Research Center for A. Dean Sherry. Her research focused on the synthesis of lanthanide complexes for molecular imaging using novel NMR techniques and the development of computational methods for the evaluation of these complexes. Kayla joined the faculty at TCU in the Fall of 2010.