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Patty Wisian-Neilson

Lecturer and Professor Emeritus (SMU), Inorganic and Polymer Chemistry
BS in Chemistry, Texas Lutheran College, 1971 PhD in Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin, 1976 Postdoctoral Research: Duke University, UTA, TCU Visiting Assistant Professor, MIT, 1984-1985 Professor, SMU, 1984-2019

Research Interests

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Dr. Wisian-Neilson’s research has focused on inorganic polymers known as polyphosphazenes.  She has studied the synthesis, characterization, and applications of both cyclic and polymeric phosphazenes, particularly those in which there are two substituents attached to each phosphorus atom by direct P–C bonds, e.g., [(Ph)(Me)PN]n. Both the cyclic and polymeric phosphazenes with simple alkyl and aryl substituents, R and R’, have been prepared from condensation reactions of N-silylphosphoranimines, Me3SiNP(OPh)RR’, and synthetic methods for modifying the alkyl and aryl groups attached to phosphorus have been explored to facilitate tuning the properties of these materials for potential applications in medicine and engineering.